Me? I’m Chris Carter. I live in Southern Oregon, USA, ride motorcycles, engage in armchair philosophy, read, play video games, read a bit more, and otherwise try to reduce my ignorance of the world through judicious consumption of other people’s words. I am atheist (adjective). I’m middle-aged, white, a heterosexual male, but I don’t let any of that stop me from being human. I cultivate self-doubt as a tool for learning. I want to be antifragile. I strive for empathic humanism. I seek arete.

The blog? It’s my thought record, a place to make what I think exist outside myself. Though I’ll drift from the topic a lot, the blog is about ubiquity. It’s about how when we see too much of something we become blinded to it. It’s about restoring value to what is devalued, and sacredness to what is misvalued. It’s a place where I tell you what I know, show you what I don’t, and listen with my eyes.


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