Donating Blood to the Inkwell of Lies

Earlier this evening Imraan Siddiqi posted a link to a tweet by Avi Mayer in which Mayer claimed:

This piqued my interest (to put it most mildly, rather I should say my mind was poisoned) and more tweets by Imraan and myself followed:

The only other sites I could find posting about the allegations of blood donation refusal were The Algemeiner and San Diego Jewish World, both of which simply repeat the text. Note that The Algemeiner is both the source of the profile of Avi Mayer and a reprint of the story about the alleged refusal of donated blood. Avi Mayer’s idea of “Multiple news outlets” is not very multiple, especially as regards independent sourcing.

More tweeting ensues:

And that was it for about an hour, after which something serendipitous happened, if you can call anything having to do with aggression of Israel against Palestine serendipitous. Terrina Aguilar retweeted a tweet from Andrew Sullivan containing a link to a blog post of his which, aside from being a good read, linked to an op-ed in the New York Times by Roger Cohen (also a good read). The first sentence of Cohen’s op-ed is:

Sheldon Adelson’s right-wing Israel Hayom, the newspaper with the highest circulation in Israel, has called for Gaza to be “returned to the Stone Age.”

What I take this to mean is that the news of refusal by the Palestinian Authority to accept donations of blood from Magen David Adom, an Israeli disaster relief organization analogous to the Red Cross, is propaganda of the most vile sort.

I must note that I can find no evidence on the website for Magen David Adom that they are aware of, or are reporting themselves, anything concerning this alleged refusal by the Palestinian Authority to accept blood donations from their organization. Magen David Adom appears to be as much a victim of this bloody tissue of lies as the Palestinians. The use of their name to further propagandize against Palestinians is an even darker stain on the already black heart of Zionism.

One week ago I wrote a blog post on the phrase “human shields” as propaganda. It had not occurred to me that stooping lower in an effort to further demonize and dehumanize the Palestinians was something either achievable or desirable by any Israeli or Zionist. Now I’m unsure I can forgive myself this naivety.

If you, dear reader, are in a position to further explore this issue, I beg you do so. My resources and research skills are limited. I’m sure trained journalists could expose even more concerning this most heinous of surely false accusations.

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