An Example of Our Shared Humanity: More From Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain drinks tea in Iran

Anthony Bourdain drinks tea somewhere in Iran (image from his Instagram)

One of the beliefs I endeavor to keep fixed in my mind is that of our shared humanity. While the newstainment media and well-meaning but misguided public intellectuals—along with some number of Genuinely Bad People—try to sell us notions of other cultures as monolithic, deluded, antagonistic, (mixed in proportions to suit the outrage of the moment) I hold fast to the simple truth that people living over there are not so different from people living nearer by. We, (and they, who are also we) the people who aren’t government stooges, corporate power brokers, or contaminated by a thirst for sycophancy/control/violence, are just trying to get by and, for the most part, be good to one another. I therefore hope you’ll forgive me if I think this tweet from Anthony Bourdain supports my belief.

Given Bourdain’s tweet was about Iran, I felt it entirely appropriate to reply with this.

(Clicking on the tweeted image to embiggen it may help.)

I can wish, knowing it will never happen, that the episode of Parts Unknown Bourdain & Co. have been filming in Iran will garner some sort of Game of Thrones-style popularity explosion. While I wait for season 4, (and wish) I should read Persepolis.

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