Welcome to Large

Pursuant to the strategy I wrote of in one of my first Google+ posts, I’ve finally created my blog. If you’re reading this, you’ve found it.

Though I didn’t originally have any intention of having this blog follow some sort of theme, and given that many posts won’t follow the theme I’m about to propose, it’s fair to say this blog does have some sort of theme. The theme is ubiquity, and how things which are ubiquitous affect (or don’t affect) us. Sometime soon I will post about this in detail, in what will constitute a description of the Ubiquity Principle. Future posts will explore the Ubiquity Principle in action, along with instances of failures of imagination attached to domain specificity.

But in the main, this blog is an attempt to capture thoughts I have and trap them in the amber of language. And while I hope to, on occasion, have an audience for some of what I write, ultimately this blog is more for myself than for others. This is not intended as selfishness, but rather as an acknowledgement of my expectations for what I write here. I’m not doing this expecting my words will have some great impact on the world, nor do I have a desire to challenge those whose wordsmithy is superior to my own. People tend to find what they’re looking for. If someone needs to find something I write, they probably will. If no one needs to find something I write, passing unnoticed is not, I think, such a bad thing.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Large

  1. Well!

    Here you are. Nice to see you branching out a bit, since I know you have a lot of good and interesting things to say.

    Welcome to the big bad world of blogging. 😉

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